Friday Favorites! My 5 Favorite Things This Week

Another week has passed and summer is almost over…eeeek! Here are the five favorite things I saw this week.

Number 5: Word Rolls from This idea is fantastic and hands on. I also saw an idea to use them for numbers and number sense and could see them being used for equations, science or social studies facts etc. What ideas do you have for their use?


Number 4: It seems like every year, Matt Damon is quoted saying something wonderful about teachers and unions. I wish we had more high-profile people who understood and spoke up for collective bargaining, without which most of us would still be making a living in some sort of sweat shop.

matt damon

Number 3:

Blue Nation Review published this photo and an article of a native American disrupting an anti-immigration rally. The idea that we need to change the constitution and the 14th amendment is abhorrent to everything this country stands for. This non-issue also deflects from the true issues the nation is facing. The strategy of blaming others for our economic problems is the same strategy used by the Nazis in the 1930’s.


Number 2: President Bill Clinton turned 69 this week. While many people have doubts about this man you have to admit he cared about the average person as this quote demonstrates: government is not evil if not used for evil means.

bill clinton

Number 1: There are so many problems in the world that it is really nice to see someone invent a simple solution that could same millions of lives. The Drinkable Book is just one of those solutions. It can be used to purify water for up to four years! Someone has also invented a filtering straw, Bear Grylls would love that for his nature hikes.



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