What the Children and Parents Will See

classroom september

Well, it only took five hours, but with a little help from the custodians; all four of them and the painter I was able to set up the room today without too much trouble. This is what the children and parents will see at our visiting hours on Monday.

We invite the new kindergarten students to come into school a few days a head of time, see the classroom, meet the teacher and even get on and off a bus. We also give the parents a hand out regarding questions and answers about kindergarten. I have found that most questions are about how to go about buying or bringing a lunch; we all have our priorities straight food is very important to our children as is recess!

Classroom september2

I begin the year by having every area closed and gradually introducing it to the students over time. This is a Responsive Classroom strategy, less is more and we want to have the opportunity to let children learn how to use an area properly and safely and then gradually add to their repertoire. I am lucky in my room where I  actually have a great deal of extra space where I can leave a block area up all year after I introduce the material.

classroom september5

You can see from the photo I have many blocks on shelves and also include Legos, wooden people, cars, vehicles etc. So children just don’t build and destroy but actually play and create with the blocks.

The room looks ready to me what do you think?

classroom septmeber4


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