He’s Accomplished Something? Everyone Stop and Cheer.


Trump wants you to know: the UN has agreed to economic sanctions against North Korea. In case you haven’t heard, the UN has again implemented economic sanctions against N. Korea for the 8th time since their first nuclear test in 2006. Just to be clear we’ve been see-sawing sanctions against N. Korea since 1985 in response to missile tests and non-proliferation violations. Either way, sanctions have been in effect for a long time. The problem is the leadership in North Korea doesn’t care if their people suffer. Now that further sanctions are in place, we need to ask what’s next. There’s no easy solution, but feeding the tensions with “fire and fury” rhetoric isn’t going to help. Please note that during the whole Cuban Missile crisis, neither side actually threatened destruction of the other as this merely fans the flames and leads to increased justification for a military option rather than a diplomatic one. Step one: Trump needs to nominate an ambassador to South Korea.  step two: Trump needs to seek a respected country: Switzerland, Sweden or Canada to begin behind the scenes negotiations rather than using Twitter and press conferences to make threats and insults to China or N. Korea.


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