John McCain is The Problem

IMG_3940Look I have nothing against John McCain personally and I highly respect his Vietnam War record but the fact is: he is the problem. How can any human being spend 15 minutes on a speech complaining and railing against the very system he then turns around and votes to support? If he really believed in what he was saying wouldn’t he vote not to proceed based on the skeleton of a process Trumpcare and the Obamacare repeal has gone through? How can any Senator for that matter vote on a bill they have no idea what it says or means for millions of Americans?

McCain the Maverick is more like a paper tiger who folds when the political pressure gets too intense much like he did when he selected Sarah Palin as a running mate to appease the Tea Party Republicans. My question for John McCain and all Republicans is how can you vote to hurt those you are sworn to protect? How can you use your Cadillac healthcare plan while gutting the plan for those who have no choices?

Contrary to popular opinion, congress doesn’t receive free healthcare. They do have to pay premiums, but 72% of that is covered by the government. They are required to buy insurance through the ACA exchanges probably a bone of contention for them as they had better coverage prior to the act according to Snopes. Most Americans have to pay a high deductible and have limited coverage, Trumpcare will only make this worse and increase premium costs.



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