Trump Doesn’t Understand NATO


We pay what we want to defend countries we fought two World Wars over.


4 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Understand NATO

  1. Why defend NATO? The main reason our troops remain all over the world is that we just are not leaving! Our side vs Their side…meaning the Russians. Right—Trump does not understand why NATO exists as a buffer against the Russians. He also thinks “foreign aid” comes out of his pockets and into those of “needy” countries. Hogwash…either we threaten or blackmail or otherwise coerce various nations to do as we want…or face the alternative, which is sheer force of will.

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    1. We “defend” NATO because it is in our best interests to do so. For 70 years there has been peace and stability in Europe. We know the cost after 2 World Wars what can happen when nationalism rises unchecked.


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