The Road To Impeachment


Richard Nixon began his Presidency much like Donald Trump is starting his, with a sharp skepticism of the press. Nixon spoke of the “silent majority” and went directly to the American people in press conferences much like Trump goes directly through Twitter to rant and rail against the unfairness of it all. Rather than using the established media both purposely side-step them to undermine their credentials. Yesterday, Donald Trump called the top 5 news agency heads to a meeting to berate them for what he calls biased coverage. He called them in to criticise them for doing their job and essentially attacked the 1st amendment freedom of the press.

While it is understandable that a President Elect wants to get their message out. So far, Trumps transition has been a disaster. he has  appointed a bunch of all-white neo-conservative male hacks and has been attacking the press or media as Nixon used to call them as if they were mass plot against him. This  does not bode well for the next few years. This type of behavior and paranoia led to Nixon’s downfall and threatened impeachment. Nixon’s aides plotted against the media to their own downfall and eventually his own. While this would not upset me too much, the fact is we have little time to waste repeating the past. America has real problems to solve and I am still not convinced that Trump is up to the task. Deflecting the media to focus on the play Hamilton while he settles a 25 million dollar lawsuit, appoints some incompetents to the executive branch and rails against unfair coverage and Saturday Night Live is juvenile at best and sinister at worse.


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