Make America great Again-Get Rid of the Electoral College!


I would never presuppose to take away from Donald Trump’s victory. It is a victory,even though he lost the popular vote by more than 2.5 Million votes. The problem we have is his victory undermines democracy itself. We urge all Americans to get out there and vote, each campaign spends 50-60 million dollars trying to earn those votes and the whole thing comes down to some arbitrary set of numbers known as the electoral college. We dis-enfranchise those voters and anyone else who says I didn’t vote because it doesn’t matter. In many ways they are correct. How do we explain to our children, new citizens and anyone else in the world that its’ not winning that matters its winning the right states that matters. Combine the right number of electors and you can be President too regardless of what the people think or want. This is not the first time this has occurred, twice in my life-time and 5 times since the founding of our country the winner of the popular vote hasn’t become he President due to this antiquated system. People will say I am just against Trump, while that is true there is a deeper issue here which is if we are a democracy all votes should carry equal weight or we shouldn’t vote at all.

There is no reason why a persons’ vote in Montana should be 16 times more valuable to a candidate than a citizen in California or New York. We have separation of powers in our system of governance for a reason and the electoral college gives too much power to the states and congress and not enough to the people and the President themselves. The electoral college says to the voter, you don’t know what you’re talking about let me do it for you. Don’t be surprised that more than half of Americans don’t bother to vote when they understand that the power to decide doesn’t reside with them.



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