It’s Mourning In America


I know for the average Trump supporter it is hard to comprehend why there have been 5 days of protest and disillusionment with the outcome of the presidential election. I can remember when Ronald Reagan swept into the White House and we were told, “It’s morning in America!” Much like Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”  There are key differences between the current President-elect and Ronald Reagan. The biggest one is the sense of optimism Reagan brought with him into the oval office. Something trump doesn’t seem to understand or care about, even those democrats who voted for Carter could look to Reagan for a better future hope for what was to come. In our current situation all we do is dread, fear what may come and with Trump’s lack of clarity, honesty and waffling, it is impossible to have the same sense of hope.

As I have watched that last few days unfold, it is not any clearer to me what kind of President Trump will be or try to be as he is constantly sending mixed signals about what he intends to do. h is upset about the protesters, he thinks they are showing love for America. he thinks gay marriage is the law of the land, but the right to abortion is not. He will seek to send out 3 million immigrants but will only build a fence and will not have immigration squads. he picked Reince Priebus as chief of staff as a nod to common sense and Steve Bannon as senior advisor as a nod to the alt-right.

I know he isn’t President yet, but this constant lack of clarity is just the reason we are not hopeful for the future as he seems to blow in the wind like an empty plastic bag. In his weakness and emptiness the darker side of America can take root and fill the future with dread.


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