Donald Trump and many of his supporters seem enraged by the prospect that many Americans do not support him in his new role as President-Elect. Let’s not forget, it was Trump and his supporters that said, “Never Hillary!” and “Lock her Up!” She garnered 60 million votes, half the electorate and the majority of the popular vote. We cannot reasonably expect those people to just fall in line and forget everything that has occurred in this vitriolic campaign over the last year and a half.

What Americans don’t seem to understand is that dissent is good for democracy. knowing how to stand up for what you believe in and standing against what’s wrong is good for our country. Watch the Europeans when their government goes to change a popular program or take away workers rights. Immediately , they form protests, action and change to get what they justly deserve. Richard Nixon demonstrated  the very same paranoia about dissent and look where that got him. His fear of those who opposed him led to his downfall. The people need to have a safe way to vent their concerns, frustrations and expectations for the future otherwise they become cynics and disenfranchised in the worse way. A sense of despair will replace their dissent, and that’s where radicalism feeds and fester.

The best thing Donald Trump and his supporters can do is embrace the protest,  signal that you hear their concerns and intend to do something about the rising tide of extremism we see on the right since Trump’s victory. Calm some nerves!


Some of the greatest movements on earth began with protest. People binding together speaking for each other and moving the agenda along. I am heartened to see Americans actually believe in something again;showing that they care and spending the time to actually do something about it rather than sit at home and be numbed by their televisions or cell phones.



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