Working Together?


We heard yesterday from Hillary Clinton and President Obama that we should put aside our differences and work together for the common good of all of America. While this is a nice sentiment, it doesn’t work if the Trump Presidency seeks to exclude sectors of our population from the change and growth he seeks.

Many Americans are afraid of what Trump will do and more importantly, who he will step over to complete his goals. Building a wall, extreme vetting of immigrants, all sound exclusionary to me. The Democratic party and many Americans needs to decide can we work with this guy or should we obstruct him every step of the way?

Much of this depends on how he approaches change and whether he really attempts to accomplish his stated goals. He is still an unknown entity since he seems to change his answers like a chameleon to meet the needs of the moment. There are certain nonnegotiable tenets that every Democrat will have to stand behind.

No wall, no roll back in civil rights and no demonizing of sectors of our population.


Trump is going to have to convince us that he is not a racist, that he does care for all Americans and really does have the middle and working class people in his heart. So far, that is not what we have seen or heard on the campaign trail.


While he seemed conciliatory in his acceptance speech, we shall see how he acts when facing opposition to his ideas, roadblocks to his policy and competing ideas about how this democracy should be governed. My fear is he will revert to his darker side and the darker side of his supporters. There is a difference between supporting Trump because he is the chief of state and not supporting him as chief-executive. It doesn’t mean we are un-American or obstructionist, it means we are participating in our democracy beyond just showing up on election day to vote and then going back to Facebook posts about puppies, recipes and silly memes.



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