What Mandate?



My sadness, like many of my fellow Americans, cannot turn to despair. We have to remember all we can do to keep our country going in the right direction. It is going to be a very difficult 4 years but I am heartened by several things:

  1. There is no mandate for Donald Trump. The man who stands for nothing but rip it down, has no clear plan for fixing anything. I am reminded of a former principal who always said, “before you complain, have a suggestion to fix it.” Obviously Trump doesn’t have one and neither does the Republican Party.
  2. Half of America actually voted for Hillary Clinton. With all her problems, misinformation an hatred out there, she did garner a huge amount of votes.
  3.  There are 89,000 governmental units in America. The founding fathers created a federalist system for a reason: tyranny. Fear not! This is not centralized Germany in World War II.
  4. Be like a puppy dog, delight in the new day, a new bowl of food, your friends and family. While it feels like the end of the world , it isn’t.

2 thoughts on “What Mandate?

  1. I woke up this morning, quite early, and before I checked the news I went out to look at the stars. They were lovely and the air was so still. After I sat for awhile, I went inside and checked the results. I’m still in shock. How could this happen?
    In the first email I opened today, I saw this quote from Epictetus: “To make the best of what is in our power, and take the rest as it occurs.”
    That’s my focus for today. Rather like a puppy dog, right?

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    1. Yes, like a puppy dog, when I went to take my three dogs out before the sun, I had that thought. They could care less about all this. They just want food in the bowl and fresh air. Man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

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