Reason 96- Who Pines for a Purple Heart?

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Who really would ever accept a soldiers Purple Heart? Does Donald Trump even know what a soldier receives such a medal for? Why would any veteran be willing to give this medal to another person? It would have been one thing if Trump had served in combat and had been denied a purple heart because he couldn’t prove he’d been injured in battle, but the only battle he seems to be having lately is with his own narcissism. He was quoted as saying yesterday,”I always wanted to get the purple heart. This was much easier.” This is the man half of America is willing to elect the President?

First he starts a battle with a gold star family the Khans, allows it to dominate the news for a week because he can’t let go of a failing argument. Then he accepts a Purple Heart which is awarded by the President to those injured on the battlefield. The award is America’s oldest medal initiated by George Washington himself. Then we learn that he asked his advisors 3 times about nuclear weapons, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?”

We already had a John Wayne and a Rambo, we certainly don’t need one in the White House who wants to see himself as some kind of hero with medals he didn’t earn, who undermines families who have lost loved ones in war and one who thinks it might be nice to try out a nuke or two.

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