Reason 97-Thin Skin


We saw the true Trump during the Democratic National Convention and in the aftermath as he has continued his feud with a gold star family the Khan’s. He can’t help himself he has to be the center of attention. His constant need for being in the limelight while at the same time being unable to accept any form of criticism should be a warning sign for his supporters. But the fact is the more he whines the more they support him. Trump reminds me of the student in your class who’ll take any kind of attention, good or bad just to make it all about them. They try to pull all other students off task and have them join in which can ruin the whole classroom environment.

The best strategy: ignore him. Can we really do that? Is it truly possible to ignore a Presidential candidate? I don’t know but the attention merely fuels his fire and solidifies his support. I see it when I read their responses on Facebook, no matter what he says or does they support him and attack his detractors. We keep thinking this will ruin him; all to no avail.


Trump’s attacks on the Khan family and Hillary Clinton and all the other speakers at the DNC in fact, demonstrates his thin skin and lack of ability to use criticism for his own betterment. Instead he goes on th offensive , to the detriment of his own campaign. This self-destructive nature shows he is tone-deaf and pig-headed. The Republican Party, his remaining friends in it that is, are left trying to defend his statements to their own peril. He doesn’t care since its’ all about him. If they are foolish enough to continue supporting him no matter what, it may cost them their own re-election chances.

Do we really want someone this sensitive, egocentric and tone-deaf in the White House? As Hillary Clinton pointed out we can’t really trust someone this unstable to lead our country. Also, can you  imagine him in a meeting; do you think he will seek out opposing viewpoints or just “yes” men so he’ll get his own way?




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