Reason 98- Civics?


I have been teaching high school civics and history this summer and find it very amusing and scary, that my students have a better grasp on their civic responsibility and the US Constitution than Donald Trump. Even if they didn’t, they aren’t running for President are they?

He has made several major gaffs in regard to the US Constitution. Lets enumerate them here:
1. His attack on the 14th Amendment which guarantees citizenship rights to those born in the US. Obscenely called “anchor babies by the republican Party.

2. The idea of “closing mosques” a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion.

3. His total support of eminent domain decisions taking away people’s personal property for economic development as illustrated  in Kelo vs. New London an infringement on the 5th Amendment.

4. He vowed to protect a non-existent part of the Constitution when meeting with House Republicans, probably leading to Khirz Khan’s famous attack that Trump has probably never even read the Constitution.

All in all we cannot afford someone who takes the founding document of our country so lightly and who is so willing to suspend its freedoms and guarantees to suit his own needs. We have seen this kind of leadership around the world in the past.



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