99 Reasons Not to Vote for Donald Trump


Well, believe it or not we are now 99 days away from the Presidential election. It will come faster than you think! I will post one reason a day about why it’s not a good idea to vote for Trump.

Today’s reason: Number 99
If you watched This Week with George Stephanopoulos, you know my 99th reason not to vote for the Donald. He has no understanding of international relations or world history. The man is more likely to shoot from the hip than any candidate in recent history and this is extremely dangerous. Especially when you consider the aggressive nature of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s 2-year-old annexation of Crimea which is part of the Ukraine.

This lack of knowledge about word issues may play well with Trump supporters but is extremely dangerous in international relations and the fact remains: Trump is fast and loose with the truth. His recent discussions about backing away from NATO and reviewing other treaties around the world because, “They’re not paying, we’re protecting them and they’re not paying.” We ended World War II with the understanding that the US was on the world stage, whether we liked it or not. The security of Europe as we learned from two world wars is critical to the security of the United States.

trumps understanding


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