Vote for What’s Right!


The DNC has been going very well except for a small band of Bernie Sanders supporters who don’t seem to understand how Democracy actually works. You win some you lose some but you don’t walk out. If Bernie Sanders had won, that would have been great and surely all of Hillary’s supporters would have gotten behind him. Honestly I am not sure what fuels all this hatred for Hillary Clinton. In my mind it is misdirected and dangerous.

We have real problems in the nation and a real clear choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I must give Trump credit for that: he is clearly on message. hate and fear is what he’s selling. Can those Bernie supporters say the same for Hillary? She is the leader of the Democratic Party now and while I would say vote your conscience I am not sure what misguided thinking is formed from those who feel Hillary “stole” the nomination. She won the vote and the delegates. I understand the political machine was behind her, but that is always the case when you are launching an outside the establishment campaign that Bernie clearly was. Just like Trump, Bernie came in as a surprise and nearly won the nomination, but he didn’t let’s move on and defeat Trump!

There are tons of reasons why the average American needs to vote for Hillary, but let’s enumerate some here:

The most progressive party platform in US history.

The protection of immigrants, social services, democratic principles of helping those who cannot help themselves.

Gay Rights

Gun Control

A sensible and steady foreign policy

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

a 15 dollar minimum wage

Free college tuition

Health care expansion

let’s not lose sight of what truly matters here the future of the country is at stake.




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