Why Hillary Is In Trouble…

While Tim Kaine seems like a perfectly reasonable choice for Vice-President by Hillary Clinton, these are not reasonable times. The problem with playing it safe is the Republican Party has selected a charismatic individual who is immune to the truth. Hillary is basically making the same mistake all of Trump’s Republican opponents made. You cannot be offering vanilla when the electorate needs, wants and insists that you offer them something else. The average American is frustrated, has election fatigue and is not interested in getting to know someone who has not been in the fray. Elizabeth Warren would have been a bolder, smarter choice.

I have nothing against Tim Kaine, but the fact remains the Democratic Party has a problem with Clinton. She comes across as the same old same old and you can’t energize your base with more of the same. Most of Donald Trumps success can be attributed to his outsider status, bold claims and the public’s thirst for something, anything else. I just spoke to my pharmacist a few minutes ago. His thought, “Something has to change, that’s why I’m supporting Trump.” The Republicans can’t offer one piece of information about exactly how or what they will change they will just offer change.


The type of extremist support that Trump garners, isn’t going to simply evaporate because you have chosen a well-respected Senator from Virginia. The average voter doesn’t pay that much attention to what is being said or how you stand on issues. This is becoming more and more the case in this age of information overload. The Democrats are not as vehement in their support of Hillary Clinton ans supporters of Donald Trump. I have seen evidence of that vehemence myself as I have posted memes on Facebook in response to articles about the Republican National Convention. Democrats may like what you say, but Trump supports are strongly opposed, add vitriol and might even overwhelm you with counter points and angry sentiments.

Clinton really need to energize her base, and here she failed. Her 90’s approach to campaigning for President isn’t going to work she needs to be seen as fighting for change not just protecting the status quo. Now I know there is a lot to protect but so far she is seen as protecting the interests of those against the average working man. While this is a ridiculous perception, it is perceptions that win elections. One just has to look at the election of Ronald Reagan as evidence. Hillary  needed to pick someone who could be her lightning rod: Tim Kaine isn’t it.


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