Well after last nights’ Chicken Little extravaganza, featuring fear and outrageous claims we can’t wait to see who is speaking and what will be “Trumped” out there tonight!

Tuesday: Make America Work Again

Headliners: Donald Trump Jr., West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Dr. Ben Carson and actress-businesswoman Kimberlin Brown.

Also speaking: Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, among others.

First, the theme: Make America work again? How about looking back at your own party’s platform from 1956:

1956 today

That ought to do it!

Tonight’s speaker include the grand master himself Donald Trump, oh wait didn’t he appear last night? Or is he set to appear tomorrow night? or Thursday night? Maybe he could get Barack Obama speak for him like Malania had Michelle Obama speak for her back in 2008? Oh well it’s all about him anyway. I have been teaching high school civics this summer and we reviewed the surreal early arrival of the presumptive nominee at the convention last night. Let’s review: It is the role/duty/obligation of the  party to name a nominee and then that nominee appears before the convention to accept receive that nomination. Last night played more like the coronation of an emperor.

emperor has no clothes


Also due to speak tonight: Dr. Ben Carson. What can we say other than; if this guy is your friend, who needs enemies? At a recent rally in Cleveland for Florida delegates, Carson talked about the need for getting tough on terrorism, the separation of church and state while keeping transgender people out of the wrong bathrooms. Contradicting himself on all three topics by insisting we need to screen those who believe in Sharia law. “If they want Sharia then they need to stay in a country with Sharia law,” Carson said. he has no problem with separation of church and state, but he does oppose the separation of “God and state.” He compared transgender people to neutral Switzerland unable to choose a side. Carson compared transgender people to a Swiss person watching a film about Afghanistan and deciding to then be Afghani.

Asa Hutchinson , Arkansas governor and  was one of the 13 managers — effectively, prosecutors — of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Hmm, wonder why he was invited to speak? he recently vetoed a religious freedom bill, after much controversy, and indications that he would sign it into law.

Hose speaker Paul Ryan and New Jersey governor Chris Christie. I have to lump together because of their gutless partisanship. Both of them know that Trump’s statements, actions and policies are inflammatory, racist, and sexist but continue to support him anyway. At least we can say Governor Kasich is standing by his beliefs and refusing to bend to party pressure to cow tow to the presumptive nominee.


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