Get Your “TrumpuPence” At the RNC

penny in hate we trust

This week the Republicans are going to get their “TrumpuPence” at their convention. Let’s take a look at their party platform to see what they’ve “won”.

The Republican Party platform for 2016 which is due to be adopted tomorrow includes these regressive sections as written by Christian

Number One:

While the platform committee backed away from the 2012 request for a constitutional amendment identifying marriage as between a man and a woman; instead the draft calls for “Laws and government regulations that recognize marriage as the union between one man and one woman…”

Number Two:

According to the Family Research Council, the party also adopted an amendment to officially support the First Amendment Defense Act, legislation that would prevent federal agencies from being able to take “discriminatory” action against individuals and institutions who act in accordance with their religious convictions on marriage.


Number 3:

According to The Hill, a measure was passed that would keep publicly funded adoption agencies from being able to grant custody of children to same-sex parents.

Number 4: The draft platform calls for the end of the law (Johnson Amendment 1954) that prevents churches and other 501 (c) from engaging in political activities. Just what we need more church involvement in our political system.

Number 5:

The draft committee  recognizes parents’ rights to help their children struggling with same-sex attraction with therapy they deem appropriate.

“We support the right of parents to determine the proper treatment or therapy, for their minor children,” the amendment says. In other words, a parent’s right to send their child to a camp to change their orientation. Do we have such camps to change people from bigots to liberals?

Number 6:
Labels pornography as a public health crisis. Judging by the large number Republican Party scandals this may seem like the case to them, but to the average American this is a non-issue that makes them look very foolish. You want to talk health crisis: go pay for a prescription out of your own pocket.

Number 7:Seeks to allow the teaching of the bible in public schools. PUBLIC schools.This encourages high schools to offer bible studies as electives. How can we use public monies for this clear violation of the separation of church and state?

Is this a party platform you can get behind? If so welcome to the 1950’s and all the regressive backward thinking that entails: Make America Hate Again!

trump pence selling hate and fear



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