Republican Party= Victim of Domestic Abuse

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I never thought I’d say you have to feel sorry for the Republican Party, but on this weekend before the Republican National Convention let’s look back on the evidence the party is a victim of Donald Trump’s domestic abuse. While those of us on the outside of the relationship are urging the Republicans to leave the relationship before it’s too late, like any domestic abuse victim the party sees no way out of the relationship. I found myself agreeing with all three Bush’s as you see in Jeb’s recent face you makestatements on CNN: the party is doomed!

These signs of domestic abuse from The House of Ruth Donald Trump’s relationship with the Republican Party meets 8 out 10 of the criteria (that we know about) showing that they are in an abusive relationship.

Number One: You are frightened by your partner’s temper. As Ted Cruz called it after the Iowa caucuses, “Trumpertantrums

Number Two: you are afraid to disagree with your partner. We have all seen Paul Ryan’s dance for the last three months, while he wants to carve out a place for possible votes from anyone other than the extreme right of the party, he still “stands behind Trump.”

Number Three: You have been kicked hit or punched by your partner. We haven’t seen this but Trump has definitely threatened to hurt those who oppose him as he did in this rally in Nevada.

Number 4: You do not see friends or family because of your partner’s jealousy. One just has to read the list of speakers at the RNC to see that trump is isolating the party from its’ friends. Not a single former President, many former candidates, sitting Senators and Representatives are skipping the convention.

Number 5: You are forced to explain every place you go everything you do to your partner. Trump attacked his Republican opponents for months breaking Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment as well as Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, reporters galore and our sitting president.

Number 6: You cannot live without your partner or cannot get enough. This is a sure sign of abuse, which the republican Party seems oblivious to. Towing the party line and party unity have taken precedence over common sense and common decency. Winning at all costs, including perhaps the destruction of the party itself?

Number 7: You believe marriage will change your partner. How many excuses, cajoling, reprimanding have we seen Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and other leaders of the Republican Party attempt in the last 6 months, all to no avail? The idea of “standing by your man” to the bitter end isn’t just as song.

Number 8: Your partner makes you feel worse about yourself. I cannot believe that the political machine, the insiders, the life time politicians of the Republican Party aren’t tossing and turning at night, sweating over the next few months and what it means to their party.

The question remains: why don’t they leave, get out of the relationship before it is too late? The answer is simple: they see no alternative. Where do they go? Who do they turn to? Ted Cruz? Chris Christie? Sarah Palin? This whole fiasco occurred because the party is rotten to the core.






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