Friday Favorites: My 5 favorite Things This Week

trump ballot box

Number 5: Enough said.

Number 4: There are actually camps where children and adults can give up their smart phones, Ipads and other electronic devices. The use of which has become something more than an addiction, obsession might be a better descriptor. Someone said to me this week, “I wish these things were never invented.” I am not a Luddite, but I do feel we have gone overboard with the screen in the face syndrome. I think teachers do have an obligation to teach technology but might need to include acceptable use, etiquette and ways to let go and enjoy the world around you. I use technology a great deal in my classroom, but always in relation to hands on learning and as a supplement for what we can’t actually demonstrate in real-time.


Number 3:

It is time to make college education free. If a student wants to continue a technical education beyond high school that should be free as well. It’s been 50 years since American has done anything significant to improve public education with the passage of desegregation laws and the 1960’s with students loan laws.The world has changed so much since then and the cost of a college education has skyrocketed. There is no way the average middle class family should be shackled with over $100,000 or more in student loan debt in order to achieve a bachelor’s degree which currently has much more value over a lifetime than it ever has. Joe Biden said it all when announcing he was not seeking the Democratic nomination.


Number 2:

Just like any other profession, teachers crave respect. This is no surprise. Being uniquely qualified, certified, and educated but still working under blue-collar contracts and rules, teachers hold a bizarre place in public budget deliberations and among local politicians. Everyone says they love us but no one wants to pay what it costs to keep us in the profession and what we are worth. The respect we crave isn’t just monetary it is also about the expertise we have in the profession itself. Often, we are not consulted or advised of changes, treated much like the children we teach; teachers need more meaningful input it our own profession.

teaher respect

Number 1:

Another tough week for conservatives and conspiracy theorists when it comes to Barack Obama and our nation.



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