Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things I Saw This Week

For a 4 day week, it seemed like a month! What happens in education is every meeting and activity is scheduled in a shortened week because they figure it’s a wasted week so why not schedule our meeting then? the problem is everyone has the same idea so the result is too many meetings in a shorter period of time. I had 4 meetings this week alone some during  instructional time of the day some all day and some after school. When I was supposed to plan or instruct is anyone’s guess. Is there any other profession that meets so frequently about “doing the job” rather than actually doing it?

Number 5: I guess we need to keep on trying

fall 7 times

Number 4:

One of the meetings I had this week was about how we can build the stamina of children to read text for longer and longer periods of time. The goal we were told was to have kindergarten students reading for 20 minutes by the end of the year. How and why did timing children become the goal of reading? What is the point of pushing children to do something for longer and longer periods of time that they really don’t understand? has there been any research about the killing of the joy of reading? This is all bout the Common Core in English Language Arts and the SBAC testing that is administered and expects more stamina from children at a younger age.  This reminder says it all.


Number 3:

One of the things I am constantly reminding my students is to be present and not worry so much about the future and what is to happen next. I don’t know if there has been a change in children due to our gaming culture and task based rewards system, but they definitely worry too much about what is next. We can do little about the past and even less about the future and anxiety and stress come from worrying too much about it. I say: “enjoy the present and the ride!” There is a great book by Kevin Henkes for children about this very problem, Wemberly Worried

keep on th grass

Number 2:

This poster by Collective Evolution says it all, stop waiting for the future and enjoy the moment you are in now. As an adult it is so easy to forget that there is nothing special about Friday, or the weekend or even the summertime. All time is valuable and we shouldn’t waste a bit of it waiting to live.

stop waiting

Number 1:

I was going to try to avoid talking about politics or gun control this week, but then I saw this meme from the and quote from Paul Solomon. I just had to share it. In many ways Ben Carson and some  of the other candidates: ie Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina for President show us you can be very successful and still not have a great grasp on reality. I heard this week that Ben Carson was going to suspend his campaign for a bit while he would go out to sell his book. His campaign staff later refuted this claim but to me the issue is more about: what could he possibly have to say in a book that would make me want o buy it?

ben carson


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