Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things I Saw This Week

Is it just me or is the Republican Party lost and in shambles? The congress can’t choose a leader because the Tea Party would really just like to adjourn go home and do nothing to help out the American citizens they are sworn in to serve. The candidates for President are latching on to any nutty, media grabbing, outrageous things to say just to get some attention. Ben Carson can’t seriously want to arm kindergarten teachers. Under what circumstance would I ever pull out a gun and use it in front of sixteen 5 year olds? We have 133 mass shootings in the United States since 2000 and in none of those instances did an armed individual stop the shooting from happening.

Number 5:


So what are we to do about all this gun violence? if you listen to the NRA and Republicans running for President, guns don’t kill people, people do.” This warped logic is beautifully counteracted with this meme from the Other 98%. How can we blame the tools we use for our problems is their argument? This would be like saying nuclear bombs don’t kill people, people do so let’s give the world’s terrorist groups a few and see what happens.

Number 4:

nra logic

Number 3:

The whole argument about gun laws is ridiculous. Are we really going to act like laws don’t any difference therefore we shouldn’t have any laws? Isn’t the congress really saying, they are helpless in protecting their citizens from the dangers in the world, so welcome back to the O.K. Corral? This society needs to do something fast about the mass slaughter of its citizens by those who feel they have a right to do whatever they want under the auspices of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The amendment itself says a “well-regulated militia”, obviously we aren’t regulating it very well.

law logic

Number 2:

Have you noticed, all I am writing about this week is gun control and gun laws? that’s because as a teacher, a human, and an American, I am very concerned about the way this society is becoming immune to the idea that it is okay to shoot other members of our society just because we can. This idea that we need to be fully armed and protect ourselves against some imagined enemy and we can use guns to solve all our problems is unique to our culture.

gun logic

The number one thing I saw this week, was a well-timed reminder that even some famous politicians we know have had some unfortunate instances of using their own weapons. Let’s not forget we had a Vice-President who recently shot someone by accident. There seem to be just as many accidental shootings in this country as intended ones. 73,000 Americans were treated in 2010 for non-fatal gunshot wounds in the United States. What does this do to our health care and insurance costs?

dick cheney


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