Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things I Saw This Week

Well, it has been another week and yet again anther mass shooting has occurred. This time In Oregon at Umpqua Community College. When you see the terror on the faces of the students who have to flee for their lives and the grief on the faces of those who know they will never see their family members again don’t you have to wonder: when is this going to happen to me? We are averaging one mass shooting per day! 32,000 gun related deaths a year a mere 301 by terrorist attack yet many of our politicians feel that  nothing needs to be done. We have a right according to the NRA to continue to slaughter each other at will.

The number 5 favorite thing I saw this week was this graphic from Occupy Democrats.


Like President Obama said at his news conference yesterday, we need to be as single topic focused as those who fight against Planned Parenthood! Until the politicians get the message, continue voting against those who don’t support gun reform.

Number 4:

Speaking of Planned Parenthood and its’ struggle with the witch hunters in congress, the conservative media and Republican Party, Cecile Richards the President of Planned Parenthood did the best she could in congressional hearings where some politicians were more interested hearing themselves speak than in learning anything about the groups advocacy and health care services. This meme from Being Liberal says it all.

carly fiorina

Number 3:

Every teacher I know has a helicopter parent or two that makes their job that much more difficult. It is hard to imagine that these parents actually think they are doing what is best for their child. This constant intrusion and rescuing of their children only leads to a lack of self-confidence, dependence and sadness. When we trust that children can handle problems and begin to use their own strategies to work them out while suffering some set backs, It is only then that they can truly grow and learn. Ann Landers understood this many years before this issue became endemic.

ann landers

Number 2:

I hate to tell you but, it is now October the summer fun should be over but Donald trump is still the front-runner among Republican candidates.


Number 1:

There are a lot of teachers that think they should no longer have free play, choice time, or even recess because they have so much to get done or the common core has higher expectations. In many ways they are undermining their own goals if they are not making time for play in the classroom. Children of all ages need time to work together, negotiate issues and be creative. I would even argue that high school students should have time to explore and work with things like Legos, K’Nex  or even wooden blocks. Imagine what a senior could make!



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