Friday Favorites: The Five Favorite Things I Saw This Week

Number 5:

The Pope’s visit to the United States not only overshadowed the circus we call Donald Trump, it also elevated the discussion around what we can do as humans to help others. This quote by Pope Francis says it all. Can you Imagine any Pope saying this just 5 years ago? I thought yesterday, some people are just born for the job they have. There is no doubt in my mind that Pope Francis was born to become Pope.


Number 4:

I hope you all have been reading the Introvert’s Dictionary on Word Press By Charlotte Latvala. These little vignettes about the life of an introvert really hit home. I especially liked her post this week for the letter Q: QWERTY, n. Age-old code for “How introverts prefer to communicate.” Every time I see something about introverts now , Charlotte’s Blog comes to mind. I thought she might appreciate this quote as much as I do:


Number 3:Thinking of nature and how it help clear our mind and hearts, sometimes we forget that rain, snow and other storms are more than just an inconvenience. They help us better appreciate those lovely days we have maybe 20 times a year here in New England. Fall and Spring have some of the most breathtaking days of all. There is nothing like the clean air of a crisp fall day, walking under clear blue skies in an apple orchard or a corn maze. Let’s not forget though; there is something to be said for the sound of rain on your roof.

smell of rain

Number 2:

I spend a great deal of time responding to questions as a teacher. I am sure parents do as well. But one little trick I have learned over the years is to turn every question into a question. Many times children are merely asking out loud what their brain is already telling them is so. We as adults need to foster this necessary skill and self-processing in children to help them become independent problem solvers. The first response I always make to any question is: What do you think? Nine times out of ten, the child’s response is the right one and if not , it still trains their minds to ask themselves first. This info-graphic by Silvia Duckworth is worth hanging on every classroom wall and kitchen refrigerator.


Number 1:

I’ll never forget how I felt when George  W. Bush was elected President after his father had already served two terms. I was sad and disappointed that we continue as a nation to elect people merely because we feel comfortable with their name rather than their experience and skill necessary to be successful at this complex job. It seems silly to me that we vote for people we know are going to have trouble negotiating, representing us all and dealing with many constituencies.

political jokes


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