Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things This Week

Everyone knows what it is like to be tired, but there is a special kind of tired that teachers experience: tired of hearing our names, tired of having to watch out for who you might trip over or step on and tired of talking. My number 5 favorite thing this week is this someecard:


Number 4:

I remember thinking as a child, “It’s the way they think because they were born into it”. I am referring to racism. But the fact is racism is taught from parent to child, society to child and sometimes even teacher to child. We have an obligation to recognize it in ourselves and others and stop this cycle.This quote from Denis Leary says it all:


My number 3 favorite thing this week is this quote about reading. I am not sure if today’s children can really appreciate the way a book can take you out of yourself, your life, your truth and bring you on a journey into the author’s mind. Technology today does all that without a lot of effort, but there is something to be said for working in tandem with an author to suspend your disbelief and go on a mind trip.


I read somewhere this week that the problem with this current election cycle is that there are so many lies out there it is exhausting our ability to understand the truth. We are spending so much energy fighting the falsehoods we aren’t getting anywhere. I mean really, what are these candidates going to do for our country? My Number 2 favorite gets to the truth.

all the same

My number one favorite thing this week is an old quote from Mark Twain. It’s funny how the word really hasn’t changed as much as we think it has, If you spent any time paying attention to the Republican debate this week this quote will put it all in perspective.

a lie


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things This Week

  1. Gil — I love, love, love your list. Thank you for posting.
    Two things: One, I tried my hand at teaching; I know tired — used to be my middle name.
    Two, my youngest son has gone back to school, and, given the employment and financial climate of his day, he has to work weekends full time on top of his school schedule (make that college). Last night he was working to a– would you believe this? — a MIDNIGHT deadline. And, of course, he fell asleep on his laptop. Yeah, we know tired. (I have a poem about that in my upcoming book.) — Herb

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    1. Thank you herb, I appreciate your support and can relate to your sons difficult journey. Going to college was never easy when you had to pay for it yourself, but it’s even worse today.


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