Friday Favorites! My 5 favorite Things This Week

Number 5:

ASCD is my favorite resource for current research and advice on being and effective classroom teacher. This month they have a terrific Education Leadership edition about teaching and questioning techniques. Even in kindergarten we need to begin fostering skeptical consumers of information who know how to sort the wheat from the chaff. as you will see from my number 4 choice this week, this skepticism is essential in growing citizens who create change that is essential for the growth of our society.

students questioning

Number 4:

This meme from Occupy Democrats perfectly encapsulates my expression when anyone tells me they are voting for Trump or that he interests them.My first thought is, “you can’t be serious?” and then I wonder, how did we get to the point where someone who spews hate, vitriol, lack of substance can become a front-runner in a major political party? Then I remember, Sarah Palin was the Republican nominee for vice-president 7 years ago…

face you make

Number 3:

This info-graphic from Mind Shift shows all the ways teachers can use sketches and doodling while teaching. As a student and as a teacher I love to doodle and there is a lot of evidence that it helps people to learn and remember content as they acquire new information. I spend time every year teaching my students how to doodle and use sketches to record and retain information as a distinct skill.


Number 2 and Number 1:

both relate to the movement to get the minimum wage increased to 15 dollars an hour. I have decided that one of the things I can do to help is repost as much as I see about this issue but also to use my annual stock meeting vote to demonstrate to CEO’s that they don’t deserve a raise as long as their employees are making 7 dollars an hour. When I get my notices of annual meetings from companies to increase the CEO’s pay or benefit packages as recommended by the board of directors I vote “No!” instead of letting them proxy vote for me and will continue to do so until the minimum wage is increased. While I don’t own a lot of stock by any means, its one thing I can do to show support for those who don’t make a living wage.

minimum wagepolitician on minimum


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