Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things This Week

It has been the first full week of school…man am I beat! The kids must be as well and happy they have a three-day weekend to recuperate. Here are my 5 favorite things this week.

Number 5: John Oliver’s quote about the irony in intense security at airports versus our lackadaisical approach to gun crimes and gun control really hit home. A nation makes policy on matters that it finds to be important, The learned helplessness we have about gun control and mass shootings is unacceptable. If we think it is important we will do something about it, The sad fact is our attention to these matters is fleeting and accepted as par for the course. The hidden fact about mass shooting is that the majority of them are of family members and known relatives, If you own a gun you are 4 times more likely to be shot than a person who doesn’t. According to Mother Jones, for each percentage increase in gun ownership, there is a correlated percentage increase in homicide rates. what are we doing about it?

john oliver

Number 4:

Is it just me or are the Republican candidates for President all sounded weirdly like clones of each other? The hate speech and rhetoric about immigrants, race and women makes me feel like I have entered a time warp into the past. Are there really voters out there who feel than Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz really would make a good President? mike Huckabee is actually visiting Kim Davis who is in jail for refusing to follow the supreme courts decision on gay marriage. As Andy Borowitz says below, It’s hard to follow this ever changing train of hate.


Number 3: One of the hardest things as a teacher in a classroom of 4-7 year olds is to get the children to slow down and use more than one crayon when coloring pictures or adding details to their own work. We talk about using at least the same number crayons as you are old: if you are five you need to use at least 5 crayons to color or make a picture. We do this because it makes drawings more readable, adds detail in drawing and then in writing and expands children’s ability to observe their natural world. There is a great book called, The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt that uses humor to get children to use more than one color. I loved this coloring activity from Doodle Art that says it all!

box of crayons

Number 2: Just look.

gun murders

The number 1 thing I saw this week, was Friday afternoon itself! The weather here in Connecticut is delightful and predicted to be so all weekend, enjoy the fruit of your labor and remember: We have Labor Day, all weekends, holidays, minimum wage and all benefits thanks to labor unions.



4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: My 5 Favorite Things This Week

  1. I am concerned about the views of the Republican candidates, seriously 😦 haven’t met more wet blankets in my life. Now, about the shoes and the airport, honestly, that quote is so right. Will all the shooting, yet nothing tangible has been done. Nice post

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