Friday Favorites! My 5 Favorite Things this Week

Number 5:
I saw this quote of David Foster Wallace on Facebook and it really made me think: there are so many people who elect not to vote as they say it doesn’t matter. Clearly it does matter as you listen to the candidates for President this year. It is easy to determine who has your best interests at heart. We all need to vote to make the world what we want it to be.

why vote

Number 4: There has been so much talk and concern about the implementation of standardized testing in the last few years some people don’t know what to think about it all. The thing is these tests don’t always test what we are trying to find out and are subject to so many variables that they don’t tell us much. As Albert Einstein points out in this quote, if you are judging people by the wrong measure you will do more harm than good.


Number 3:

Sylvia Duckworth made a lovely visual representation about the 10 things teachers want from professional development. Each and every one of them is right on the money. Teachers have lots of professional development and honestly see the need and value in it if it is valuable, topical and immediately useable in their classroom. The problem is most of the time it isn’t and often happens at the wrong time of year to be used immediately.

professional development

Number 2:

This visual representation from The New Tech Network of the project based model versus the traditional themed based approach to teaching is the clearest and most helpful I have ever seen. Teachers could easily hang it in their classroom or put it in their plan books or curriculum planning software to continue to challenge themselves to create curriculum that has students work in a project based approach.

project based

The number 1 thing I saw this week,was on Pinterest and used Minions for each new child in a class for a bulletin board with the saying, “You’re One in a Minion!” I made it for my class and they loved it, although I must admit it did take way more time than I thought it would, the delight of the children and parents was worth it!



5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites! My 5 Favorite Things this Week

  1. I have saved a copy of the diagram from NewTech Network. Thanks! I think it may come in useful. Oh, and I agree with you on the Professional Development bit. Things are gradually improving here and CPD is much more helpful and consistent than in the past.

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  2. Great! I am glad the diagram was useful to you. It looked like a clear path to me. Our PD has improved some too since the state required it to be connected to needs and areas of improvement connected to teacher evaluation.


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