What the Children and Parents Don’t See

classroom august2

Hmmmm, how depressing is this? This is precisely what students and parents never actually see. But maybe we shouldn’t shield them from what goes on behind the scenes. Getting a classroom ready is no easy job and teachers often do it on their own time and often all by themselves. This is how my classroom looked this morning when I returned from a trip to Vermont.

The custodians had to move it all to get the room ready to paint and one individual was painting it today. I have exactly 2 days to get it ready for the new students who will be coming for a meet and greet on Monday before school actually starts on Wednesday. The fact is we spend so much time getting things physically ready we have a great deal of trouble working on the curriculum and getting to know the incoming students. Even if my room were not getting painted the custodians would have removed everything from the room to clean the carpeting and then returned it all back to the room before I got there. I would have to put everything in its original location. Every year is the same process.

classroom in august

In what other profession is so much time and energy spent on moving and packing and unpacking furniture every year? To add to the irony, there is a very good chance this school will be torn down and a brand new one built right behind it,so I am not sure why we are painting it anyway,it’s kind of like putting lipstick on a pig.

Anyway, I will get it ready for the students and parents as that is my job, but what a waste of energy and time. Think of all the wonderful planning and preparation I could be doing instead. I will post an updated photo when the room is ready.


5 thoughts on “What the Children and Parents Don’t See

  1. My last classroom was part of a church, and they used my classroom on Wednesdays and Sundays. Twice a week I had to turn all the shelves around just to move them back the next school day. To top it all off, our cubbies could not stay in the hallway so I had to drag them in and out everyday. Each time I got there early to get my room ready, I could think of a million things I could have been doing that would have been more beneficial than moving furniture. This year the teachers at my old school had to box everything up for a major remodel. I’m waiting to see how it goes getting everything back in its proper place after having been stored in a Pod all summer. It has been one of the few times I am glad to have left the classroom.


  2. Good luck with it! I am moving buildings this summer as my new HOD has decided to move my teaching space. It will suit the new curriculum better, but it means sifting through and picking out the few things I actually need. Just waiting for the say so that everything has been moved for me, then I have to go in and sort it. I am just hoping I organised it all enough when I packed it, that sorting will be a breeze! Then I just have the old spaces to sort and turn into something amazing…

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  3. I work at a high school — I’m the principal’s secretary — and every year it’s the same thing. Work is done over the summer, but do they complete it before the teachers return? Of course not! It’s always right up to the day, even hour of — I never know what to say to the poor teachers either. :-/

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