Friday favorites…on Saturday!

I just returned from a lovely week on Cape Cod, so I missed my Friday favorites. Here they are a day late!

Number 5: This quote from Jon Stewart indicating that caring about police and the public’s safety are not mutually exclusive. This country has become so polarized that people forget we can hold two or more opposing thoughts at one time. It is a sign of intelligence to be able to hold onto contrary thoughts and opinions. We don’ have to be for or against everything.

Jon stewart

Number 4: Speaking of Jon Stewart, we are all going to miss him precisely because he was able to see the humor in everything and the irony present in our everyday lives. We do have an obligation to speak up when we see, hear or experience falsehood.

jon stewart2

Number 3: The website: uses illustrations to explain multiple intelligence and how to incorporate them into our everyday lives and teaching. This simple chart belongs in every classroom, to help us remember all the ways we can express our thinking and learning.


Number 2: Another really useful chart I saw this week was 8 Mathematical Practices of Jedi Masters by Teacher P at Mind Shift WQED. One of the great struggles we have in math instruction is teaching children perseverance, explaining their work and seeing solutions in more than one way. This chart explains all that in a fun child friendly graphic.

jedi math

Number 1: The greatest thing I saw this week was on the street in Hyannis. It allowed my wife and I to be a mermaid and a pirate ( something we always wanted to be). Today is our 7th anniversary and I really want to thank her for letting me know it’s okay to be silly, happy and professional all at the same time! Love you Susan.


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