What are the tricks to Raising Good Children?


Parents and teachers get a lot of information from the press and social media about the things that can hurt children and all the things they are doing wrong, but really all they need to know is, “How to raise a good child?”

What I mean by good is a child that other children like, other adults like, is proud of themselves, independent,empathetic and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Of course all parents want that same child to grow up and be a happy, well-adjusted adult. Parents don’t want someone who becomes famous for shooting and beheading a famous lion or a mass shooting somewhere for example, but instead one who does the everyday things that sometimes go unnoticed and unrecognized but they keep on doing anyway because they are the right thing to do.

We have seen a lot of selfish people in the news the last few weeks, doing what they want to do without regard to anyone or anything else for that matter, so what does it take to raise children in this day and age? To me, not a lot has changed in the basic things we need to do. In this video, the Washington Post summarizes a recent Harvard Study on what we can do to raise good kids.

They provide six tips for creating what we want to see in children who grow up to be healthy adults.

1) Hang out with your kids.

2) If it matters, say it out loud.

3) Show your child how to “work it out.”

4) Make helpfulness and gratitude routine.

5) Check your child’s destructive emotions.

6) Show your kids the bigger picture.

I don’t see anything in this list that my own parents didn’t expect or even their parents before them didn’t expect. With so much technology and issues in the world it is sometimes hard to remember these simple expectations. If teachers and parents keep these expectations at the forefront of our interactions with children they will know they are important and that we expect they will continue to grow and learn.


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