Friday Favorites!

big foot

Well it’s Friday again and here are my five favorite things I saw, read or experienced this week!

Number 5: Did you see this cool 3-D Pen that you can use to draw and make anything your mind can imagine? I can see using it in a classroom for instruction to demonstrate a concept or to allow children to create a character, setting or idea that’s on their mind. It’s a little pricey but so were 3-D printers when they first came out.

A pen that prints in 3DThis is truly AMAZING, and that’s no exaggeration. For all you artists out there, a pen that prints in 3D.Thanks to 3Doodler

Posted by Collective Evolution on Sunday, July 26, 2015

Number 4: I love this quote from Fred Rogers about the importance of play! I will never forget when I did my student teaching 23 years ago my mentor teacher who had been in kindergarten for 25 years said,”Play is the child’s job, just like their parents go to work, children take play very seriously.”


Number 3: Colin Powell had some harsh words for the GOP candidates this week. It bears mentioning that many people thought he would have made a great President himself, wish he had run it would have been interesting to see how the GOP would have treated him.

Colin Powell

Number 2: The more I hear from Bernie Sanders, the more I like him! This week his quote was about family values. While it is an argument we have been making for years, no one else says it so eloquently and with such a large following. I don’t know if he can win the nomination or election but he is definitely moving the agenda forward and bringing up issues no one can ignore.

Family values

My very favorite thing I saw this week was posted by Occupy Democrats. They wanted to know which Donald we would rather see in the White House, Donald Duck or Donald Trump? You’d be amazed how many people responded: both. As if having Donald Trump in the White House has some entertainment value. Let’s remember the being the President is serious business, just look at how much every one of the past Presidents aged in office to see the stress and weight of the job. Donald Trump belongs on reality TV not in the most important office in the United States.

Donald or donald


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