9 Warning Signs You’re Raising a Spoiled Child

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It is hard to believe, but some parents don’t realize they are indeed raising a spoiled child. You can check this site out to verify if you are or aren’t: 9 Warning Signs You’re Raising a Spoiled Child.

The question is: Why does it matter? A lot of parents would say, “If I can treat my child well, why not? Let me give you 5 quick answers why it hurts your child.

1. They won’t be well liked. Other children don’t like to spend time with a child who thinks they are the center of the universe and are used to getting their own way all the time. I have seen it time and again, students will shun or socially isolate those children who are self-centered and gravitate towards those who have empathy, demonstrate an ability to share and negotiate taking turns etc.

2. They will carry a sense of entitlement into adulthood. Have you ever seen the TV show “Cops” or “Alaskan State Troopers”? The majority of people being arrested, going to jail or getting into trouble in general have a sense of entitlement and also tend to blame everyone else for their own mistakes.

3. Adversity is how the species itself survives and gets stronger. A child who never faced any sort of adversity is not going to be a strong adult. The mental health and well-being that comes from taking care of yourself, independence along with helping others caring about others and showing humility are all life skills that we need to practice to become proficient humans living in a society.

4. Are you going to be there for ever? Who will take care of you spoiled child/adult when you are gone?

5. Life isn’t fair, we know that. You don’t always get what you want but you should get what you need. Love, food, clothing, shelter, caring adults, mentors these are things we truly need. All the rest is pabulum and distracts from living your life.


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