Friday Favorites!

banana head

I want to begin posting the five best things I read, saw, or thought of on Friday Favorites but maybe didn’t have time to mention in my blog. The five best things for this week were:

Number 5:

Malala Yousafzai

This quote from Malala made me wonder, where does such courage come from at such a young age? If American children only understood how hard it is for some people in the word to get an education, they might appreciate the time and effort their community is spending on their future.

Number 4:

rattlesnake bite medical expense

As much as we would like to say that Obama care is working and helping when I see a bill like this for a rattlesnake bite shown on Facebook, I have to think there needs to be a better system entirely. Look at the cost of the pharmacy alone in this bill: $83,341. Why is it that just because we can afford to pay, pharmaceuticals can charge what ever they want for medicine? We need a single payer health care system now!

Number 3:

separation of church and hate

The biggest irony of all can be seeing church groups spewing out hate speech and a lack of acceptance. This hypocrisy turns many people off from going to church in the first place. Seeing a sign like this one does the heart and soul some good!

Number 2:

There was a great article published this week on Ed Weeks’ blog titled

Why We Need to Talk About Gender and Teaching By: Amy Williams

If you don’t have a membership with Education week you can read three free articles a month, this one is worth the read. Most of their posts are so good I decided to become a member so I could have unlimited reads and their magazine. I find being a male teacher in elementary education there are many differences to be discussed and researched. I will definitely write about this in the coming week!

Number 1:

A rose breasted grosbeak came to my bird feeder this week! I have only seen one other. So for an avid amateur bird watcher this is the best thing I saw this week

grosbeak 004


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Excellent post! WOW, that hospital bill is RIDIC! Don’t get me started on Number 3. Let’s just say the church I was going to, won’t be going back.

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