Connecticut Legislature Won’t Hold Override Session

Shame on the State of Connecticut! All educators are required to be professional, certified and accountable except for the Commissioner of Education! Cronyism at its worse.


Thank you to all of the CEA members who have called and emailed their legislators explaining why the state’s education commissioner needs to be required to have education and experience. Unfortunately the Connecticut legislature has decided not to hold an override session. Below is a statement from CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg.


Educators across the state are shaking their heads in disbelief today wondering why legislators, who overwhelmingly passed HB 6977, An Act Establishing Qualifications for the Commissioner of Education, have today decided against an override of the governor’s veto of the bill.

Clearly there is something wrong when state law requires high standards for all professionals in the education community except the person at the helm—the Commissioner of Education.

It’s distressing that the Commissioner of Corrections who oversees prisoners is required to have specific industry experience, while the state’s education…

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