Why You Shouldn’t Become A Teacher

Great arguments about why we should teach!



As a former classroom teacher, and a current professor of education, I’ve met hundreds, if not thousands, of current and future teachers. As in any profession, the people in it run the gamut from outstanding to how-on-earth-did-someone-award-you-a-degree. It benefits us all when we have strong educators in classrooms, because education improves society, not just the individual. I’m happy to say that in my time as a professor, I’ve run across very few students who shouldn’t be in the classroom. However, as a classroom teacher, I ran across quite a few more. In service of making sure that people who end up in classrooms actually should be there, here are a few reasons why you SHOULDN’T become a teacher.

  1. You just want a steady job. I hear you. Teaching is a steady paycheck, and it seems like anyone can do it. This is true. Virtually anyone who is currently breathing can…

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2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Become A Teacher

  1. Having a grade school child who will be entering 4th grade has been a journey. I’ve liked all her teachers with the exception of her 3rd grade teacher. Hearing from other parents who’s children were in my daughter’s class, they’ve shared the same sentiment. This particular teacher was expecting absolute perfection at all times and that’s just unrealistic. I’m hoping this year isn’t as mind blogging as the last.

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    1. I always tell my students: “None of us is perfect, not even myself, that’s why we are here. To learn.” Students have a great deal of trouble understanding that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

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