Trump and Reagan: Two Actors On a Stage

jelly mess

I was amazed to learn that Donald Trump has taken the lead in Republican opinion polls for President. Of course I was also amazed when Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980. It’s hard for an optimist and liberal to even understand how anyone can fall for these actors on a stage and their rhetoric.

We hear the speeches and talk, and much like white noise it doesn’t resonate with us, but obviously it matters to some people who are seeking a place to hang their frustrations. Donald Trump’s hateful speech against Mexicans sounds so ridiculous to me; as if he were auditioning for some racist reality show. Unfortunately, he didn’t say what he said to get my vote, he said what he said to distinguish himself from the other 16 republicans vying for the White House after the first African-American President.

We should not be surprised by this conservative backlash, for the last 8 years the hateful speeches and lies have been permeating the conservative airwaves and TV shows. As John Stewart demonstrated on the Daily Show the lies just keep rolling along.

What are we to think of the Republican Party and its’ supporters when Donald Trump becomes the early front-runner and Sarah Palin is still a “respected pundit” of the party? What are we to tell our students or children about the hateful speeches and thoughts of Donald Trump? How are we to explain away his rapid attacks on Mexican Americans? Do children really understand that this is a fringe thought, or are there many more people who feel the same way as Mr. Trump?

I know and understand the right to free speech in our country and I respect differing points of view, but I cannot accept the deliberate misinformation and hate speech that seeks to divide and conquer the American public. Speech that seeks to identify and take advantage of the secret dark places in the American psyche that should be eliminated; not fed. That horrible monster who always lurks deep and blames others for our misfortune. To me it is the same monster Adolph Hitler sought to take advantage of and one we always have to keep away from the halls of power.


2 thoughts on “Trump and Reagan: Two Actors On a Stage

  1. It’s hard to live in a world where we have to explain to our kids that not everyone out there is accepting for a reason like where your parents were born or how they got here. I wasn’t always into politics and if there is one thing I know is important is to educate people about it, what are they voting for, who, and why, before I really understood what it meant to vote I had people that couldn’t vote educate me on those on the ballots. What it really is, its a double edge sword it could go either way(like what happened to a school district here in my home state not getting their override passed and losing millions in funding), but that’s why we need to have a voice and use that to educate those around us.


    1. You are so right about educating the voters! I am so glad we have Facebook, blogs, Twitter today. It is much easier to get information quickly and I am heartened by the reaction to Trump’s rhetoric. I feel social media makes us freer, more progressive and knowledgeable.


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