Urge Your Legislators to Override HB 6977: Qualifications, Experience Always Important for Education Commissioner

The position is too important to leave to politics, the Commissioner of Education should understand all issues in teaching and learning.


Contact your legislatorsHouse Bill 6977, An Act Establishing Qualifications for the Commissioner of Education, has been vetoed despite overwhelming bipartisan support, passing the State Senate unanimously and the House of Representatives 138-5. The bill would have required that the state’s education commissioner have an education degree, five years of experience as a teacher, and three years of experience as an administrator.

Please call or email your legislators immediately and:

  1. Thank them for their support of increased education funding in the state budget.
  2. Urge them to tell legislative leadership to override the governor’s veto and support HB 6977 requiring the education commissioner to have teaching experience!

Look up your legislators and their contact information here.

Why we need an override on HB 6977:

  • Many other Connecticut state agency commissioners have specific qualification requirements.
  • Nationwide, Connecticut is one of only four states that has no required qualifications for education commissioner of…

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